Data centre tour

manageNET provides your organisation with the opportunity to house critical servers and systems in our secure, specialised data centres offering environmental and security controls far beyond your own capabilities, and exceeding that of most other data centres. 


Security at the Data Center is provided on both a physical and electronic level. Air locks secure entrances into sensitive Data Centre areas. Access is granted only for cleared personnel, via biometric (iris scanner) and proximity card. Additionally, video surveillance systems monitor operations 24x7. The manageNET Data Centre was designed using government security guidelines to ensure that all data is maintained under the highest physical and operational security standards. The facility satisfies AS/NZS ISO/IEC I7799:2001 security accreditation.

Fire Detection and Preparedness

The Data Center is protected using Very Early Warning Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA). Further protection is provided with an Inergen gas suppression fire system, allowing early extinguishing of fires without affecting equipment.

Environmental control

The Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units have a 1 ton cooling load that requires minimal maintenance, and supports the raised floor environment.

UPS and Generators

The facility has backup UPS and generation for all Data Center circuits. The generating sets source diesel fuel from an on-site underground tank. The tank is regularly topped up and monitored to ensure that the quality of fuel is not compromised.


Expert support engineers are onsite 24/7/365 and undergo regular code of conduct reviews. Audited security personnel secure our facilities 24/7/365. manageNET employs badge ID access screening and biometric access screening for added levels of security. Motion sensors and security breach alarms protect sensitive security areas within all of our Data Centers. We maintain strict access policies, requiring all visitors to pass through multiple levels of security and to be escorted at all times.