Mobile Device Management

With more and more companies realising the benefits mobility can bring to an organisation it is evident that the skill required to install and support this technology may not exist in-house.

Rapidly changing devices and operating systems can consume internal resources and shift focus from their other objectives. Businesses are finding that Mobile devices can be more challenging to manage and control than traditional PC’s or Laptops.

Beyond Mobile Device Management

The number of mobile device platforms has proliferated in recent years. Employee devices which run on these platforms, with their increasing power and capabilities, are entering the enterprise in growing numbers - creating challenges for IT departments who must deploy and support them in the areas of mobile device support, device and data security, application delivery, Over-the-Air (OTA) device activation and control, data synchronization, and device deactivation.

Smartphones in the enterprise introduce new challenges not addressed by traditional laptop mobility strategies.

Multi-platform: There is no industry standard for smartphone operating systems. A one-platform strategy cannot keep pace with smartphone innovation and end-user demand.

High Cost: Mobile expenses explode as end users demand smartphones. Getting costs under control requires user accountability and real-time visibility into usage spikes and service quality.

Poor Visibility: Companies don’t know what’s on their smartphones or how they are being used. Massive aggregate storage on such easily lost units becomes a security and compliance risk.

Consumer-driven: Employee-owned phones connect to the enterprise. Company and personal data get mixed. Enterprise data boundaries must be enforced to balance security and privacy.


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MobileIron Mobile First

MobileIron Platform Overview

manageNET represents MobileIron in Australia. MobileIron is an industry leader in heterogeneous mobile device management.

manageNET has customised offerings in both cloud and on premise configurations catering for all smart phone devises including the iPhone, Android and Windows 10.

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MobileIron is the leader in security and management for mobile apps, documents, and devices, MobileIron enables global companies to become Mobile First organizations, embracing mobility as their primary IT platform to transform their businesses.

Thousands of companies rely on MobileIron’s scalable architecture, rapid innovation, and best practices for their mobile initiatives. M

obileIron was the first to deliver key innovations such as multi-OS mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) privacy controls.

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  • MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform provides numerous Smartphones with the Enterprise-level management and control that was once available only for a single family of Smartphones. In addition, MobileIron provides the intelligence necessary to define and enforce usage guidelines that are consistent with the needs of Smartphone users and administrators.
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MobileIron - Mobile IT Platform
Mobile Iron Product Deployment Mobile Iron Product Deployment

The Mobile IT Platform to Secure and Manage Mobile Apps, Documents and Devices

The MobileIron Mobile IT platform secures and manages apps, docs, and devices for global organizations. It supports both corporate-liable and individual-liable devices, offering true multi-OS management across the leading mobile OS platforms. MobileIron is available as both an on-premise system through the MobileIron VSP and a cloud service.

manageNET is proud to be a

MobileIron Authorised Partner

Does MobileIron capture data usage information

Yes - MobileIron provides Data usage statistics for calls, sms and other important data on a heartbeat sync interval.

Is there a backup and restore function?

Yes - There is a backup and restore function available to both administrators and end users.

Is there anti-virus built into the MobileIron Client?

Yes - Although this feature is still in a beta phase it is being tested to scan all files that are syncronized with the MobileIron appliance and is due for release in the near future.

Does MobileIron allow export of data on call usage stats?

Yes - You can export your call data statistics into CSV format and an API is available that allows you to access all the data that is captured by the MobileIron appliance. - The API will also allow you to feed commands back into the MobileIron appliance from a third party system or service.

Can I manage devices remotely?

Yes - There is a remote management component available which provides administrators the ability to take control of devices remotely using a wysiwyg perspective.

Is MobileIron Modular?

Yes - There are two key modules; Advanced Management and Mobile Activity Intelligence.

How does MobileIron Pricing work?

There are two pricing options Perpetual licensing and subscription licensing. manageNET also provide a hosted infrastructure option coupled with subscription licensing to expedite provisioning requirements.

Can End user see their statistics?

Yes - There is an end user portal which provides a graphical user interface to view core usage information.

Can I Try Before I Buy?

Yes - manageNET provide an environment to trial a MobileIron appliance. You can even configure some of your own devices to ensure the data comes alive with meaningful information to your specific requirements. Contact us for free trial today.