Mobile File Management

Acronis Access Advanced - Secure Mobile File Management

An on-premise enterprise file sharing solution for mobile, Mac and Windows that helps enterprises break down barriers between people, information, privacy and security.

Acronis Access Advanced balances employees’ need to use all their devices to be productive with the organization’s need for data security, visibility and compliance

As a leading service provider of secure mobile device management solutions, ManageNET have come to understand the importance of extending the mobility strategy to the next frontier; mobile file management and the broader category of mobile content management.

We understand that your mobile strategy is accelerating at a pace that far out ways the average organisational capability and ability to straddle a truly secure mobility strategy. To deliver objectives and drive your corporate mobility strategy in line with your broader corporate strategy we believe MFM is a key piece to realising that objective.

To enable the delivery of secure file management and access ManageNET have chosen to partner with Acronis and recommend their MFM (Mobile File Management) solution Acronis Access.

ManageNET will work with you to provide a securely integrated offering and align the requirements of your deployment needs with your chosen MDM (Mobile Device Management) platform.

Understanding the requirement to address security, compliance and management are but a few of the questions that enterprises and IT are challenged to address. How can enterprise IT provide secure access to corporate content and files - on file servers, SharePoint and NAS devices - for mobile device users?

We believe that if tested and deployed using best practice principles that Acronis Access: an industry leading Mobile File Management (MFM) software for enterprise mobility users can play a vital part in realising your organisations goals for secure access to critical data.

Acronis Access enables IT to provide their users with secure and managed access, via Active Directory authentication, to files and content on enterprise file servers and NAS storage, just as they have from their laptop or desktop.

Acronis Access ensures that the end user has a simple, easy to use solution and that IT can implement the security and management capabilities required by their organization.

ManageNET can provide you that vital consultation that helps discover, plan and deploy a truly integrated offering whether that be on our secure cloud or within your private cloud environment.

Acronis Access also provides innovative and integrated solutions for customers with other leading vendors such as MobileIron, AIrWatch, Good Technology, Quickoffice, and, for example. Acronis Access could be a key foundational piece in your enterprise mobility strategy to enable secure content and file access for mobility users.

One of the many challenges we face when addressing our customer's mobility strategy is enabling the benefits of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Our customers have come to understand the benefits of providing flexibility of choice whilst ensuring secure access to corporate resources.

If your organization has a BYOD strategy, provides employees with mobile devices, or a mix of both, Acronis Access can integrate or autonomously ensure that all corporate files and content can be securely accessed by the right people.

Contact us today to discover more about an integrated mobilEcho file management solutions.

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Features :

  • An intuitive interface which requires virtually no end user training.
  • Users can access, browse, preview, edit and search files on corporate file servers (Windows, Linux, Mac), NAS storage devices and activEcho servers.
  • Users can access, browse, preview, edit and search files on SharePoint servers, including support for check-in/checkout.
  • Users can view and annotate PDF files within the secure mobilEcho app.
  • Users can bookmark folders for quick access.
  • With one-way and two-way syncing, business units can keep employees up to date with the latest materials (such as sales presentations, data sheets, product docs, etc.).
  • My Files feature allows users to store files safely and securely for offline file access.
  • AD Home Directory Access grants users access to their individual files in their respective Home Directory.
  • Quickoffice® 'Save Back' support allows Office files to be edited and saved back into mobilEcho, on the device or on the server.

For IT, mobilEcho can be deployed simply in seamless integration

  • Active Directory support allows enterprises to integrate mobilEcho into existing corporate security infrastructure.
  • All files are encrypted in transit an on-device.
  • Full support for HTTPS Reverse Proxy password and certificate authentication.
  • IT can whitelist or blacklist the third-party apps that mobilEcho files are allowed to be opened into.
  • Secure PDF preview and annotation within the mobilEcho app meets corporate security, compliance and governance standards.
  • Secure encryption with HTTPS and Apple Data Protection is provided for all files on the mobilEcho server.
  • IT has the ability to perform a selective remote wipe of mobilEcho files and access if needed.
  • Optional time-based wipe and/or lock if client ceases to connect to the mobilEcho server.
  • mobilEcho Product Overview

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  • What is mobilEcho?

  • mobilEcho
  • Who uses mobilEcho?

  • Any enterprise that needs to provide secure file access from mobile devices - from the small and medium size businesses to Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Who benefits from mobilEcho being deployed in the Enterprise?

  • Employees with mobile devices will prefer mobilEcho for its speedy browsing and lightning--fast search of file names and content, all of which can be remotely administered, making their out of the box experience instantly gratifying.
  • IT System Administrators will prefer mobilEcho for its centralized management and easy integration into existing Windows®-based tools and processes.
  • Businesses will benefit from mobilEcho enabling greater productivity and satisfaction from their employees while ensuring the security and compliance policies of the corporation are met.
  • What are the key features?

  • Access, Browse, Preview, Sync & Search Files on corporate file servers, SharePoint servers, and NAS Devices
  • Same, seamless and secure file access as on a PC and from your iOS or Android® mobile devices.
  • Check out/Check in of SharePoint files
  • Collaborate with team members with mobile access to SharePoint content.
  • PDF Annotation
  • Securely edit PDF files without leaving the secure, encrypted mobilEcho sandbox.
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Enforce user access rights and file permissions.
  • Secure encryption w/ HTTPS and Apple Data Protection on iOS devices and custom encryption on Android devices
  • Air-tight data transfer and improved compliance.
  • Selective Remote Wipe
  • Wipe corporate files and mobilEcho config from lost, compromised or stolen devices.
  • Easy, Rapid Server & User Configuration
  • Configure mobilEcho client capabilities and settings according to access and corporate rules, turn off/on app functionality such as, the ability to print, email or open files into other apps, whitelist and blacklist the third party apps that are allowed to open mobilEcho files.
  • How does mobilEcho enforce secure file access?

  • When accessing a server, mobilEcho requires that the user authenticate to t .
  • Can I evaluate the solution before purchase?

  • YeS. ManageNET can provide a fully functional mobilEcho Trial or pilot environent and the siftware is also download on the Acronis web site. The mobilEcho client app is available on the App Store. (iOS) and the Google® Play store (Android).
  • How easy is it to install mobilEcho?

  • mobilEcho
  • Is mobilEcho similar to an AFP, SMB or WebDAV client?

  • mobilEcho is a file sharing client designed explicitly for mobile use. It uses a specialized protocol based on HTTPS to connect to a mobilEcho server. Every component is optimized for secure, mobile access.
  • Why not develop support for AFP, SMB or WebDAV protocols?

  • These protocols were not designed to deliver the best experience to mobile device users, nor to include the security and centralized management features required for safe mobile file access.
  • Can mobilEcho run on any iOS device or Android device?

  • mobilEcho version 4.0.2 and later runs on iPads®, iPhones®, and iPod Touch® running iOS v4.2 or higher and on Android phones and tablets running Android 2.2 or later.
  • How many devices will the server support?

  • mobilEcho can support thousands of devices.
  • What iOS/Android apps are supported?

  • The
  • What file types can be previewed?

  • mobilEcho can preview any file type supported by iOS Preview functionality. On Android, mobilEcho relies on the previewer and editor apps that you have installed on your device.
  • What about iWork apps, Keynote, Pages and Numbers?

  • mobilEcho allows files to be opened into the iWork suite of apps. The latest versions of the iWork apps, released in mid-September 2012, now provide an "Open In" option that can be used to save a file back into mobilEcho. To do so, select "Share and Print" from the tools menu, then choose "Open in Another App".
  • Can I install mobilEcho on any file server?

  • The mobilEcho server can be installed on Windows® Server 2008 or 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. The mobilEcho server can be configured to proxy access to files on SMB/CIFS servers, SharePoint 2007 and 2010 serveres, and NAS devices.
  • Does mobilEcho support NAS devices or the proxying of other file servers?

  • mobilEcho supports access to NAS devices and other file servers using the standard SMB/CIFS file protocol.
  • Do you support Microsoft clusters?

  • Yes, mobilEcho supports Microsoft cluster services. We have specific licenses to support this configuration.
  • Do you support Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS)?

  • Yes. mobilEcho supports DFS namespaces.
  • How does this integrate with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions?

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  • How do you license your product?

  • Acronis offers two licensing models for mobilEcho: a perpetual license and an annual subscription model. For more details on the best model for your environment, please contact ManageNET.