Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud delivered and managed to the highest levels of performance and compliance.

ManageNETs Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an on demand configurable pool of shared computing resources allocated within our secure cloud environment, providing a high level of isolation between the different organizations using the resources. Our secure VPC solution stack has been chosen by organisations who understand the importance of integration requirements and secure profiling of data and it performs as a secure isolated and dedicated cloud infrastructure stack.

Our VPC solutions can be customised and integrates with our full portfolio of cloud infrastructure services (IaaS). We enable an enterprise level of service and provide seamless integration options between private enterprise and ManageNETs secure cloud infrastructure. At ManageNET we understand the importance of ensuring the prioritisation of applications and deliver a truly isolated secure private cloud with options to integrate and consume various managed services within our cloud network.

ManageNETs Virtual Private Cloud is a truly dynamic cloud consumption solution delivering a lower cost of ownership for your organisation when compared to traditional procurement models.

Our Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure can deliver new levels of agility when combined with our management tools. At ManageNET wee seek to meet the challenge of secure Virtual Private Clouds by delivering a comprehensive suite of management products expressly designed for the dynamic software-defined data center environment

ManageNET Virtual Private Cloud

More Control

We don’t stop at simply providing access to resources on our VPC platform in addition we provide quality of service, operational efficiency and compliance by automating and providing visibility into every aspect of on demand virtualized infrastructure and applications.

ManageNET’s cloud infrastructure is hosted in our highly accredited data centre facilities to provide low latency, local access and enterprise class uptime. As an Australian owned infrastructure provider we deliver a compliant solution that meets Australian data sovereignty requirements, so you can have the confidence that your data stays in Australia if required.

ManageNET has created affordable VPC offerings with service levels and commitment that seek to exceed your expectations by investing in and embracing next generation solution offerings available at surprisingly affordable rates.

Personalised Service

You can expect a one on one relationship with a manageNET consultant. Knowledge transfer and team building underpin our client engagement processes, after all it’s your business we seek to represent.

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  • Overview

High Availability

ManageNET uses fully redundant hardware at every level combined with multiple availability to provide a completely redundant cloud infrastructure. Each availability zone is completely separate and independent from the other with its own infrastructure, set of switches, servers and SANs.


At ManageNET we started the whole process of putting together our systems with security as the primary focus. It was in fact the biggest focus throughout the development process, we simply did not move past a development stage until we were completely happy with the security aspects involved.

High-Speed Internet Connection

A high-speed, low latency internet connection is another important factor in our VPC solution. The more data you have and the higher rate of change you experience on your data, the higher capacity link you will need between your office and the cloud. Replication of your data can be scheduled to be live, hourly, daily or weekly to best meet your requirements and your connection capacity. In addition ManageNET can organise business grade connectivity to your office and interconnect it to our data centre providing low latency connection with unlimited data capacity.


In many cases, it makes much more sense to use our cloud services not just for replication of your existing systems, but as a replacement. Our cloud infrastructure is inherently more secure, redundant and efficient than most office environments. You can choose to outsource most of your IT requirements to us. We can provide the storage capacity, computing resources, server licenses and IT support needed to run most of your IT needs. For ultimate redundancy and further peace of mind, we can setup replication of your cloud hosted servers back into your office or our secondary DR facility. This would mean you still have a copy of all your data and the ability to continue your business as usual.